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Floor Information – Shibuya

Floor Information – Shibuya TOKYU HANDS


Tax Refunds

Duty-Free shoppers may apply for consumption tax refunds at the Information Desk before 8:00 PM.

  • Duty-Free purchasing cannot be done directly on the sales floor. After making your purchases, which will include the consumption tax, please go to the Information Desk and present your passport and sales receipts.
    You must have your valid passport with you. (We cannot accept copies of passports, copies passport numbers, or identification cards.)
  • Duty-Free services are available only to customers who have been admitted into Japan as tourist for stay of no more than 6 moths.
  • Consumption tax, will be refunded to purchases made on the same business day total of 10,000 yen or more before tax amount.
    (Receipt of more than one will be aggregated.)
  • The following products are not duty-free:
    Non-durable items such as food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, protein supplements, cosmetics, detergents, bath powders, soaps, toothpastes, bonding agents, paints and pigments, dyes, films, and dry cell batteries.
  • Duty-free items are limited to durable items purchased for personal use. Products purchased for commercial- and industrial-use are not tax exempt.
  • Please complete duty-free applications in the day of purchase.
    Please note that your passport is necessary for duty-free applications.
  • Please read carefully the stipulations printed on the back side of the form listing your duty-free purchases, that has been attached to your passport.
  • Customers with diplomatic status must present their Tax Free Card.

Credit Cards

Tokyu Hands accepts the following cards:
●TOP ●VISA ●Master ●DC ●UFJ ●NICOS ●JCB ●American Express ●Takashimaya Card ●Diners ●Rakuten KC.